Recruitment and outplacement

Employee Recruitment

We will find you a suitable manager or specialist to suit your needs Suitable candidates are motivated solely for a specific position until the client resolves its personnel changes
Recruitment and selection consist of the following steps:


  • Job description and job position in client´s organisational structure
  • Cooperation in choosing ideal resources to establish an optimum candidate pool (direct approach, advertising, databases, various combinations)

Project implementation:

  • Identification of suitable candidates
  • Interviewing of individual candidates
  • Selection of candidates that meet specific selection criteria, motivation of candidates solely for the work position in question
  • Presentation of the most suitable candidates to the client

Candidate presentation

  • Presentation of the most suitable candidates to the client
  • Professional test execution, dependent on client´s needs
  • Professional help and support for both the client and the candidate during the decision process 

Final phase

  • Complete administrative and technical project support
  • Final analysis and feedback to all recruitment participants
  • Provision of guarantee on accepted candidate


We offer a whole range of consultation and support in the area of outplacement:

  • Assistance with preparation for personnel changes
  • Management consultancy, including a plan and possibly help with securing employee communication
  • Specific solution suggestions of situations and circumstances regarding personnel changes
  • Professional assistance for leaving staff

The projects are always individual and their size, structure and content are tailored to meet client´s requirements.

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