Company systems

360 degree feedback  

We offer individually tailored 360 degree feedback to all our clients

The name of this appraisal method is derived from an imaginary circle consisting of 360 degrees; an individual stands in its middle, receiving feedback from all parties surrounding him or her. The appraisal topics include team leadership skills, communication skills and goal oriented approach. This kind of feedback informs us about employee´s potential, as well as about factors that hinder his or hers development. 
How to use appraisal results?
The results can be used to plan employee´s future development, for instance to establish training needs. This method shows employee´s strengths and weaknesses and points out areas that should be a focus in the individual´s upcoming self-development. Our company puts strong emphasis on ethics and confidentiality whilst delivering our services; flexibility, quality and individually tailored services are equally important. Such approach is core to all of our services.  

Management learning system 

we can offer your company a holistic  learning system 

The system is always tailored to individual client´s needs. The applications integrate various online communication and employee learning management tools, as well as making lesson materials and plans available to students.
Depending on our client´s needs, employee management learning system usually consists of the following modules:

  • Student register and administration
  • Course register and administration
  • Course catalogue
  • Student evaluation database
  • Student testing
  • Access rights administration
  • Communication tools
  • Course development tools
  • Space to save course content

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